Thursday, August 19, 2010

Caroline reading to her cousin Casey

Friday, August 06, 2010

I think I might take this blog over. Still a family blog, but from a Cheryl perspective instead of from the reporting on Caroline perspective. She's about a year away from having her own parent-monitored blog to report on her own activities. Although that might be called Facebook. Hm.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

My fave pic of Caroline from the vacation to Utah. We had a rough flight back - 3+ hours waiting in the SLC airport for a plane to take us to Phoenix for our red-eye flight back to Charlotte. I saw a lot of fresh-faced, young moms with lots of kids. I also got some reduced-price soup (lots and lots of soup) from Quiznos as they were about to close. I've always hated Quiznos because of their awful advertising with the creepy critters and now the cats. I really, really hate cats. But there are some awesome employees who don't want to waste their delicious soup. So I might be on the road to reconsidering my decision to actively avoid buying anything from them.

In any case, SLC was a decent place to be stuck for hours before being stuck on a plane for hours. Most people were friendly, and there were clean bathrooms with child-friendly stools to reach the sinks. Which was great. Too bad the biggest, most influential social institution there also hates gays, subjugates women (as do most religions), and discourages alcohol consumption. Otherwise, it might be a decent place to live. As is, I would be in a state of impotent rage 90% of the time (instead of my current 30%).

After quite some hours, the plane scheduled to take us to PHX finally arrived. We were 2+ hours late and really pushing our connection time. Despite our previous inability to have luck with US Air, US Air got us to Phoenix in one piece in time for Caroline to wake up and run with Jay and me to another terminal to get to our plane a few minutes before the door closed. Phew. Upon boarding, Caroline fell right back to sleep. Score!

I have to say that the 1/2 Ambien that I took on the plane (legally prescribed to me for my life-long insomnia) made me hate red-eye flights just a little less. So, that was a plus. I slept for a good 3 hours straight, and so did Caro. She was a rockstar on the trip home - similar flights have reduced me to tears and illness for days afterward. I think our family commitment to frequent napping the next day saved her from such a fate.

Since the trip, things have returned to normal. I've been working to make the world less boring, Caroline has been going to SciWorks Camp and has gotten her green belt at tae-kwon-do, and Jay has been doing whatever it is that he does all day. OH! And I learned to hate a few companies a little bit less, and love Jay's family more. So, good times. Good, good times.

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