Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another first that Caroline has cleared me to share - as long as I'm not telling strangers - so I assume that her readers are family members... and friends.

Yesterday, the Grandparents Lerman cleared the neighbor boy - Nicholas (age 5) - to come over and hang out with Caroline. According to Caroline, while they were watching a Benji movie, they decided to play Sleeping Beauty. And, as the game would suggest, Nicholas kissed Caroline "for reals". On the lips. She was aghast and agog - but also, kind of intrigued. And she "can't stop thinking about (Nicholas's) slimy lips" even though she "kind of liked it".

Oy. And so this begins.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Caroline lost her first tooth today while she was in class. Her teacher sent it home in a ziploc bag. Caroline proudly showed all her friends at the park, and couldn't wait to show her mom when she came home.
Now she's hiding it from the tooth fairy, because it's in a special velvet box and she wants to keep it forever. Subsequent teeth are OK for money exchanges; this one is not. She made sure it was behind her piggy banks so the tooth fairy won't find it.

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