Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Despite her absorption of and commitment to early Judaica last Friday, Caroline disappointed us to no end today when her classtime behavior resulted in a note home. Her able teacher informed us that Caroline led the charge in reporting to a classmate boy that she and several others would be, well, indifferent to his death. He feigned death once, lolling about on the floor (according to the girl), and led them all to laugh... but yet to reaffirm their thesis that they couldn't care less if the young fellow lived or died. Reports of the matter rose to the teacher's attention...

...and now I am trying to explain to Caroline that of the meanest mean things to say to someone ... that's like at least #3 at the acropolis of cruelty. It might be easier to have these chats if we weren't distracted by thoughts of elephants in Thailand (which are apparently part of some geograpahy lessons) or by excitement over seeing the Nutcracker at the local Ballet. But, still, one must explain that death is the worst wish and that the not caring about it is as close to evil as causing the death itself. If only because it's so mean and hurtful and makes the baby Jesus cry.

In any case, I think we succeeded in inducing a solid level of shame in the wee one... if not full understanding of her transgression. At least that's a start. Here's to hoping she doesn't say it again. Ever. Until she's like 15, and she really...and I mean REALLY means it.


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