Thursday, December 07, 2006

We're all home now. I suspect our jetlag will pass by Sunday. Caroline has nothing but wonderful things to say about Sophie, Kelly, and Michael. They are all "pretty and nice". When asked about Baby Blue, Caroline said, "I pushed him. I poked him. He cried and cried." When pressed, she added, "I don't like him. He cooked the boogies (or some other unintelligible thing) to me. He's scared of me. He's a little baby. Michael taked his ticket." I don't really understand her rambling, but it sums up their relationship.

I expect a June 2032 wedding.

In spite of my embarrassment over Caroline's bullying of someone quite dear to me who is about 80% her size, I think we all had a lovely visit in beautiful San Diego. Thanks SOOOO much to Kelly, Michael, Mike Felmar, Matt and Sharon for their over-and-above hospitality and assistance with our good time back on the Left coast. You are all welcome to come stay with us in beautiful Winston-Salem any time. We'd love to see you all again soon.


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