Monday, August 28, 2006

So we made it back from NJ last night, after suffering through only waited with us in lovely Newark airport, much to Caroline's delight. We had a fantastic time celebrating at Grandpa Steve's 60th birthday party. Thanks to the family for their hospitality.

The routine was back to normal today, with a morning trip to Little Gym and an afternoon of errand running. We were planning on having some friends over to Turkey Hill Park this afternoon, but the heat was unbearable. It's supposed to be cooler starting on Wednesday, so we're planning on going to a movie tomorrow with Aaron.

I have yet another new camera (well, new-to-me at least) - cousin Catherine gave us her old digital camera, which has better resolution than mine (3.1 MP; mine was 2.0 MP), is a lot lighter, and, most importantly, takes a picture almost as soon as you push the button. My biggest gripe with my old camera, and my camera phone, is that there was a delay before the picture would take, giving a distracted toddler plenty of time to turn away from the lens. Thanks, Catherine.


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