Friday, September 17, 2004

Caroline had an eventful week, but Cheryl was there for most of it so keeping the daily journal was unnecessary. On Thursday, she had her four month medical appointment. We went to Dr. Meyers, a Wake Forest-trained pediatrician. We feel Caroline is in good hands with her new doctor. Caroline received four more shots (three of vaccinations, one just for fun), and took them like a champ, crying very little (future junky?). She's been pretty tired since then, and falls asleep with little protest. We've been enjoying daily walks, either to the school for fresh milk, or to the nearby Circle K - and she's now big enough to face out in the Baby Bjorn and seems to enjoy checking out our small part of the world. It's extremely green and teeming with life here, unlike San Diego. Here she is, a few minutes ago, sleeping in her crib and dreaming of more karaoke serenades.


Blogger Robin said...

THIS is a beautiful photo of wee question though...when exactly did her skin turn green??? Is that a Lerman trait I'm unaware of? she closing-in on her ET training?

September 30, 2004 5:10 PM  

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