Wednesday, December 10, 2003

So we're 8 days away from our 2nd ultrasound. I'm hoping Princess Cheryl has all of his or her limbs and fingers and toes, a brain, a functional, closed spinal cord, organs appropriately placed within his or her body, and of course genitals. Perhaps we'll be so lucky to find out whether to paint the nursery* blue or pink.

I feel the baby moving around quite a bit, mostly in the evenings, which gives me some hope that he or she actually did grow limbs. Also, I think that I piss Princess Cheryl off when I take a shower because he or she gets pretty active during and right after shower time. I thought about refraining from bathing for the duration of the pregnancy, but have decided against it for the good of the viable, living members of society. I will apologize to Princess Cheryl when he or she is born for troubling him or her so with my cleansing routine.

*by "paint the nursery..." I mean, "tell people to buy the baby..." because we're not going to be setting up the nursery for real until at least August due to various logistical issues.


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